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Mast Brothers

This post is for chocolate lovers, design lovers, and lovers in general. If you celebrate Valentine's day, these Mast Brothers Chocolate bars might be a lovely gift for anyone. Otherwise they are simply amazing, so we couldn't help but share all the wonderfulness that is Mast Bros Chocolate.....are your ready? PS. These are brand new flavors!

Oh boy..... Black Truffle..........mmmm...

Vanilla & Smoke! Yes please!!!

Crown Maple, don't mind if I do.

Chuao!  Coffee beans from a small remote village in Venezuela called, well, Chuao.

Check out all of the flavors we carry here.

The Mast Brothers have dedicate time, creativity and passion into producing a unique, and tasty product. They are one of the only chocolate makers to actually produce here in the U.S. - Brooklyn, New York to be exact.

photo by The Selby

Hear their story here:

And some more here from Time Magazine:

we love chocolate. we love the Mast Brothers, and all that they are creating.


  • I was so disappointed when I didn’t have time to go loinokg for their shop the last time I was in town — I’d seen this video and was smitten with the guys and their passion. Next time, sirs… next time!

    Posted by Afina on November 22, 2015

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