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We Are...Oh My Dog Photography

These are our friends Mike and Tee who own the ever-so-wonderful Oh My Dog Photography, located on Ray street - neighbors to our pop-up shop.

Not only are they incredibly talented (dog) photographers, they are just all around cool people. I mean they love dogs, dare we say more than we do (?!) Mike has a few music projects on the side (Mostly Sunny and Skavolutionary Orchestra) while Tee pursues other photography endeavors ( And they have been such a positive light to the neighborhood - Tee helps a great deal in leading North Park for the Arts who runs Ray at Night, a fun monthly art-walk on Ray street.

We bugged Tee with a few questions about our store and the neighborhood:

What is one of your favorite things about North Park? "North park is so diverse. I know it's a cliché' but it makes every part of living and working here a richer experience."

What makes Pigment unique to you? "Walking into Pigment is like stepping foot into my favorite design magazine or blog. It's is not just a feast for the eyes, but touching and smelling all of the wonderful items makes it a full sensory treat."

Sweet little Gus posing for his portrait. Such a natural, having dog-photographer "parents."

Is there any one particular thing Pigment carries that you love? "I love the *candles! How can one small thing change a whole room? They bring beautiful lighting, scents, just a better feel to where ever they are. They also make the perfect gift. Wait, Valentines Day is in 2 weeks so what I meant to say is that I LOVE the jewelry, [hint hint Mike]."

*The Voluspa candles have always been a best seller at Pigment, check them out here.

Yes, that is a picture of Gus on a vintage ring that Tee proudly wears.

Thank you Mike, Tee and Gus for the love and support!


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