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Rectangle shaped mirror with a piped rattan design.
In front of a tan background is a bundle of dried white flowers.
A natural colored book titled "At Home in Joshua Tree - a field guide to desert living - Sara and Rich Combs creators of the Joshua Tree House" with image of a desert scene with small wooden table with books and mugs, and pillows laying on the ground.
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Woven table runner with white and jute bohemian design of stripes and geometric shapes. The runner is lined with tassels bottom border and is positioned folded.
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In front of a soft pink background is a rattan dog bed. The dog bed is an oval shape with six rattan legs on the bottom. Inside the bed is a light gray bed cushion.
Cream slub pillow bordered in tied tassels. The pillow is a square shape.
This ivory tufted throw is rolled together highlighting its soft textured, floral pattern and a braided fringe.
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Cream, square pillow covered in a fringed lattice pattern of the same color.
 A square, cream pillow sits on a brown, wicker chair. Lining the edges of the pillow are cream tassels.
In front of a white background is dark wicker chair. Sitting inside the chair is a round cream colored pillow with cream tassels all around it.
Hanging in front of a white background is a gold chain with a clear, crystal prism at the bottom. Above that is a brown bead. Next is a gold, metal crescent moon shape. Next is a gold, metal half circle. Above that is another gold, metal crescent moon shape just a little thicker. At the top is a gold, metal circle.
Hanging in front of a white wall is a light catcher. Starting at the top is a gold, metal half circle with the arch at the top. There are three arch cut outs in the half circle. Attached by a small, gold hoop is an upside down, gold half circle. Attached by another gold hoop is a small gold circle. At the bottom is a circle, clear crystal.
Natural Rattan Mirrors - Pigment
Hanging in front of a white background is a rattan mirror. The mirror is round with three layers of rattan surrounding the outside of the mirror. Around the last layer is a row of small arched with a larger arch over. In between the arches is a straight piece of rattan.
A tall natural woven rattan table with small green house plant in white pot and green glass vessel candle.
In front of a white background is a rattan picture frame. The border of the picture frame is a rattan checker pattern.
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Short natural wood rattan table that is top to bottom woven rattan, meant to hold a potted house plant on top.
In front of a white background is a rattan picture frame. The border of the picture frame is a rattan chevron pattern.
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Narrow white cylinder vase filled with neutral toned palm fronds. The vase lays against a blush pink background.
 Three white wash bamboo planters sit staggered in front of each other with white tripod legs. The planter to the left is a medium height. The planter to the right is the bigger of the three and the planter in front is the smaller. All planters sit empty.
In front of a white background is a square gray art print. On the print is six different arches with a painted night sky and cactus inside. All drawings are a variety of soft pinks, oranges, dark blue and olive green.
Kilim Lumbar Pillow Multi-Color - Pigment
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This luxe circular pillow has a petaled pleat design made of vibrant orange velvet fabric. The cushion is bordered with a similar pleated design.
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Dried Pampas Grass Saffron red color, Dimension 25.5 inches
Out There Print
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Desert Scene Art, sun, rocks and cactus printed on white archival matte paper - Dimensions 11" x 11"
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Natural Woven Palm Placemat - Pigment
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A round jute rug with an intricate lacy design.
The morena vase in small and large with one dried palm fan in the large vase. The morena vase has a unique shape. It is made from glass and has an oblong opening. The body of the vase is tall and angular resembling a square or rectangle, but with a pill-shaped opening the same width as the vase. There is a design on the front resembling a boho, upside-down rainbow design.
Morena Vase
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Natural wood cut banana leaf.
Banana Leaves
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