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A soft suede stuffed animal in the shape of a potted snake plant, with spikey dark and light green leaves, and brown textured pot with smiley face and dark brown floppy legs.
Desert Cactus
From $ 25.00
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A soft stuffed animal in the shape of a croissant with smiley face and dark brown floppy legs.
Odyssey Octopus
From $ 16.50
Natural beige colored plastic toy bucket with match hand shovel. Inside the bucket are pastel colored sea creature sand molds in the shape of a dolphin, turtle and shell.
Odell Octopus
From $ 16.50
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4 in stock
Two, one small and one large, stuffed animals in the shape of mottled grey and gold colored rabbits, with long floppy ears, arms and legs.
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Furry stuffed cream colored alpaca with caramel colored spot on back.
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Swellegant Sophie Sheep - Pigment
Furry stuffed animal in the shape of an ivory white snowy owl with wide brown eyes, and light brown beak and feet.
Apollo Owl
$ 35.00
Soft stuffed animal in the shape of a gold lion, with furry made, and soft white muzzle.
Bashful Lion
From $ 16.50
Kara Kangaroo
From $ 26.50
Grey and white striped zebra with a scruffy patch of hair on its head and floppy legs.
Wooden bear stacking toy with alternating brown and natural wood ring layers. The top is a rounded wood piece with two little ears and an adorable bear face.
Eight silicone toy stacking cups in tan, terracotta, peach, pink, teal, slate blue, grey and white.
2 in stock
Simple yellow and white toy beach bus.
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