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This is Britt and Scott of Tend Living. Britt is the creative talent/green thumb behind all those fancy orbs you see hanging in our store front window, and some of those amazing planters through out the shop. Scott is her wingman, and staff photog for Tend. Together, they have been long time supporters and involved artists with Pigment. (Check out an earlier blog post here, on how Britt got Tend started). In the above photo, Britt is holding a beautiful Tillandsia Xerographica airplant..one of her faves!

Britt and Scott have lived in North Park (San Diego) for the past 14 years - that's pretty O.G. if you ask us.

What do you appreciate about North Park?

"...we have watched our community exponentially blossom. This neighborhood has come a long way and still has so much potential as a thriving arts and culture enclave. We really appreciate being here and love participating in the co-creation of it all."

What makes Pigment unique to you?

"Pigment is unique because it is artist-owned and run by folks who really care about the community it serves, with dedicated attention to the work of local creatives. And they have the best shop dog ever, Cash! It has been a beautiful thing to see [owners] Amy and Chad's vision come to life over the years; theirs is a rare labor of love that shows itself in every lovely, inspired nook."

One of Britt's beauts hanging in our store window.

Feel inspired? You can create your own here, at our plant lab.

We love Tend Living. We love community. We love "love."

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