A pink moisture meter with a rounded head and a white meter that ranges from dry, moist, or wet along with a small oval label in the front that reads, "Jungle Club".
A wide brim sun set made of a neutral woven straw material with a white drawstring and tangerine orange detailing around the edge of the brim as well as the label in the center or the hat.
A woven straw sun set with a wide brim, a light purple drawstring and purple detailing underneath the brim of the hat as well as on the center label.

Straw Hat | Ube

Straw Hat | Ube

$ 34.00

4 colors available

On a neutral background is a blue moisture meter with two silver metal points to insert into the plant's dirt to determine its moisture levels.
70's inspired square sunglasses with an oversized cognac colored frame and a brown lens.
A brown vintage washed hoodie with the words "Don't Trip" on the back.
Four gold stud earrings of bent wire in the shape of the lowercase letters A, B, C and D.