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70s inspired sticker featuring an old school mini van. Wrapped around the van reads 'Speed Demon' in orange capital bubble lettering.
70s inspired sticker featuring an old school Ford Thunderbird car. Wrapped around the car reads 'Born to be wild' in soft orange bubble lettering.
Retro inspired sticker featuring a old school RV camper with orange and yellow detailing. Below the van reads 'Livin' the dream' in orange capital bubble letters.
70s inspired sticker featuring a classic orange VW bug stacked with three surf boards. Below reads 'Hang loose' in orange capital bubble lettering.
This is a white sticker cut into the shape of the side view of a roller skate. The skate has mustard yellow laces. There is a mustard yellow, light orange and orange stripe in the middle. There are two dark orange wheels and an orange stopper on the front.
Retro inspired orange AMC gremlin sedan with brown detailing.
70s inspired sticker featuring a warm toned Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The side of the car has classic wood paneling.
70s inspired sticker featuring a warm toned Chevy El Camino. The car is light cream with orange and brown tires, grill and interior.
This sticker has three neon pink, orange and yellow mushrooms. Each mushroom is a different size and topped with its own pattern of stars, smiley faces or daisies.
Tangerine toned sticker reading 'Happy thoughts' in bold yellow bubble letters. Each circle with the letters A,P, O and G are filled with simple orange daisies.
Rounded diamond shaped bright orange key chain that reads 'you are a fucking peach' in gold capital lettering. The keychain is a diamond shape with rounded edges and is complete with a gold keychain loop.
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Orange circle keychain with gold smiley face design. The keychain is complete with a golden key chain ring.
retro syle bus flower sticker in various shades of orange
Soft orange peace sign sticker with bright orange symbol.
Mushroom keychain with red top with soft pink spots. The keychain is complete with gold detailing and a golden key ring.
In front of a white background is a bright orange sticker with light orange text. The text reads ‘stay trippy little hippie.’ The words are stacked one on top of another. There are three orange flowers; one by the word ‘stay,’ one by the word ‘little’ and the last is by the word ‘hippie.’
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Red ladybug keychain with soft pink spots and orange body. The keychain is on a golden keychain ring.
Vibrant 'Yin-Yang' keychain with contrasting deep red and pale pink halves. The design has a golden border and metallic gold key ring.
Light pink daisy keychain on a gold ring with a red center.
Photo of a sticker on a light pink background. Sticker is an illustration of a hiking boot. The boot has an orange background with yellow and pink flowers, pink tongue of the boot and yellow laces. The words "these boots were made for walkin'" are written in retro bubble letters surrounding the boot.
Two circular flower key chains both complete with golden key chain rings. To the left is a flower with white petals and red center and to the right is a flower with light beige petals and orange center.
Bright rainbow designed sticker with orange sunset hues. This sticker reads 'Totally Over It' in pink cursive lettering below the rainbow in white clouds.
Close up of four rows of yellow, pink and orange washi tape boxes. Each box has text in the middle that read ‘sunshine studios.’
Flame sticker reading 'Hot titties' in white cursive text. The lettering is accented in red and is placed across the flame design.
Orange toned sticker that reads 'fucking over it' in light cursive lettering. Small twinkle detailing accents around the text.
pink sticker with two yellow and dark pink colored weed leaves and light yellow text reading 'gimme gummies'
peach-orange sticker with white and dark orange text that reads treat people with kindness in white lettering.
White sticker sheet filled with rows of warm toned bugs and mushrooms. The sticker sheet is filled with oranges, reds and pinks.
Sticker sheet filled with warm toned, 70s inspired symbols including peace signs, Miley faces and bus flowers. The sticker sheet is filled with an array of pinks, oranges and reds.
White sticker sheet containing 20 70's style flowers in various colors of orange, red, pink.
Sticker sheet filled with rows of vibrant flowers in various shapes and colors. The sticker sheet is filled with oranges, reds and pinks.
Cool toned 3.5 inch by 3.8 inch 'Yin-Yang' design sticker with contrasting tangerine and light pink halves.
Vibrant orange and pink yin yang car freshener.
Pale pink 'Yin-Yang' design sticker with a contrasting tangerine half and deep pink border.
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