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An ivory colored illustrated greeting card with white envelope. The Illustration is a repeating boho style golden setting sun with text "hope you have an amazing birthday" in gold foil.
Peach colored illustrated greeting card with orange envelope. Illustration is a large banana being used as a slide by three little women. Text says "Happy birthday!" in yellow and "It's gonna be bananas" in brown.
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Bright yellow illustrated greeting card with red envelope. Illustration is of Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport from the movie Clueless with text in red "Forgetting your birthday? As if!"
Pink greeting card with text "Uhh, holy cow...You Freakin' Birthed A Human" in multi color red, gold, light blue, pink, and orange text, and orange envelope.
The text on this card reads "You're Awesome" in curvy 70's font on top of groovy pink, burnt red and orange flowers! Also shown is the white envelope included with purchase.
This card reads, "It's Your Birthday Let's Get Trashed" accompanied by an illustration of a possum, skunk and raccoon wearing birthday hats surrounding a trash can.
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Ivory greeting card with yellow and gold foil sun illustration, "happy birthday" in orange text, and a white envelope.
Off-white greeting card with variety of people of different skin colors naked, "happy birthday (suit)" in black text, and brown paper envelope.
Peach color greeting card and white envelope. Illustrated with navy, orange, yellow and white rainbow arch with "Sending you big hugs." in gold foil.
Illustrated greeting card with white envelope. Illustration is of a strong tan man, with red hair, riding a tiger while holding a harp. Ladies lay about in dresses drinking wine amounts an orange grove. Text says "Happy birthday lover" in gold.
Colorful illustrated greeting card with brown paper envelope. Illustration is of yellow, orange, purple colors of stars, flowers, smiley face, apple, ice cream, dolphin, diamonds, flowers - and purple text, "You Make The World A Better Place."
Lilac illustrated greeting card with brown paper envelope. Illustrations is a pattern of hearts, lightening bolts, baby bottles, pacifier, socks, and rainbow iridescent text "Awesome People Make Awesome Babies."
Orange greeting card with illustrated yellow and white Volkswagen van, and "happy birthday" in gold foil. Comes with white envelope.
Peach greeting card with white dandelion fluff pattern and "happy birthday" in gold foil. Comes with white envelope.
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