A Touch of Red

While we might not all be fans of the ever-so-lovely Valentine's Day, who doesn't enjoy an excuse to give someone you love a gift (or get one!).

Whether it's for a loved one, a lover, or yourself!, check out our round-up of gifts we put together with a "touch of red."

1. Delicious handcrafted (in Brooklyn) chocolate bar, wrapped in charming-printed paper by Mast Brothers - Dark Chocolate with Almonds

2. We love Baggu's Duck Bag, especially in bright red!

3. Floral printed fabric ribbon? yes please!

4. Let those love jams flow through Urbanear's Plattan Head Phones

5. These Baggu leather pouches are soft, and fancy....a perfect gift for the lady in your life.

6. Ohhhhh yeah!... that BKR bottle is looking good dressed in red.

7. Desserts are our favorite, and so is this lovely cook book - Leon, Baking and Desserts

One thing is certain - we love 'love' and all things pretty. Who needs a holiday to make that apparent? - Pigment


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