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We Are....Sitting in a Tree Events

These are our lovely and talented friends Tori, Austin and their adorable baby girl Lucca. We just love them; they're stylish, creative, and all around nice people who have been super supportive to us since early on.

Tori is the creative talent behind Sitting in a Tree Events. She's the one who decked out our five year anniversary party (if you click here you'll catch a closer glance at her craftiness). And her hubby, DJ Austin Hendrix provided tunes that night as well.

We asked Tori: What makes Pigment unique to you? "The well curated items it carries -- it's our go to when we need a gift for ANYONE because there is something right for everyone - [from] kids to cooks to designers" What are some of your favorite items/brands we carry? "I'm kind of a sucker for the vintage stuff that sneaks it's way in and is one of a kind. Otherwise I love the House of Harlow 'sunnies' and jewelry."

and then there's sweet little Lucca... sigh. Which word does Lucca say the most these days? "[She'll say] 'Hi!' to anyone who will listen, and 'dog.' She also kind of barks. ha!"

Tori, Austin and Lucca were nestled together on our Gus Modern Adelaide Sofa (speaking of Gus: ALL Gus Modern Furniture is still on sale until the end of the month! Check out details here). And that adorable owl Lucca was holding in the first family snapshot is part of the cute cuddly bunch of Hansa stuffed animals, above. Squish!!


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