Jericho Rose

Also known as the Resurrection Plant (or Selaginella Lepdophylla) this ancient plant is as resilient as they come! Some might step right over it, considering it dead but in fact this baby is anything but!  Native to the Chihuahuan Desert where a lack of water triggers this dormancy phase.  By curling up it protects the inner stems and tissues from light and thermal damage. This survival mechanism allows it to endure for centuries at a time! 

Ready for some plant magic?  Once it receives water it will begin a process known as fast photosynthetic recovery. Just place it your plant in a bowl of shallow water and watch it awaken. Within the first 2-4 hours it will completely unfurl and over the following days it will regain all it’s color and vitality. If your plant is slow to transform you may need to add more water. 
Once awake and green, change the water and rinse your plant everyday for the first week. From there, keep in a bowl with pebbles and a small amount of water. Mist occasionally to keep the humidity high. It can live in the bowl indefinitely, but prefers to dry up fully a few times a year. 



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