simple white pot with a lush philodendron split leaf placed inside
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Two different sized cylinder shaped ceramic pots with a glossy finish and a slightly imperfect rim photographed here with succulent arrangements that are not included with purchase.
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A clear glass jar candle with white wax and a white square label that reads, "Coconut Milk Makana" in clean black text. Photographed here is the outer packaging that features a white cylindrical cardboard package and features the same black text.
On a cream background is a white candle with black text that reads, "Makana Grapefruit Lychee 100% Soy Wax Candle".
three simple white pots in various sizes sit on a white ground. the smallest pot in front has a soft green satin pictus plant placed in it.
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Pair of pruning shears with white handles and metal blades. The outer blade reads 'jungle club' in small, playful lettering. The pruning shears have a black clasp at the top of the handles to secure them closed.
A decorative glass jar candle in a white color with a rectangular label on the front that reads, "Voluspa Mokara" alongside other scents of the same brand candle that feature different color ways.
On a white background is four different sized ceramic planters with removable trays at the bottom for watering. In this photo, the smallest of the planters is holding a small house plant inside.
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Against a white background is a hand holding a tiny, round pot. Inside the pot is a bright green succulent.

Tiny Pot | White

Tiny Pot | White

$ 6.95

4 colors available

A white glass decorative candle jar with the classic Voluspa logo in the center that says the scent of the candle which in this case is "Sparkling Cuvee".
A small white decorative jarred candle with a black and gold label with the scent listed. The candle has white wax, is a single wick and includes a glass lid to go along.
On a white background is a white decorative glass jar with a coordinating lid and a label on the front that reads, "Voluspa Mokara"
On a light pink background is an ivory rectangle claw clip with a pearl finish detail and slightly rounded edges.