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Glass tube vessel filled with 100 tan incense sticks. The vessel is wrapped in a pale orange label that reads 'paddy wax: woody redwood amber with eucalyptus'. The lid doubles as an incense holder and is shown with a single stick positioned.
Gold, quality honey dipper with a gold sphere at the end. Shown next to a jar of honey and a kitchen towel.
Glass perfume bottle that reads 'Vacation, Scent of World Famous Vacation Sunscreen Company' across the front label. The bottle is topped with a glass knob lid. The bottle is placed against a shadow palm background.
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The sunglow planter has a gold metal finish, making it reflective to the light. It has a round shape with a tapered bottom. Shown planted is a monstera plant which has beautiful contrasting colors to the pot.
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This bath salt is packaged in a resealable white and gold envelope. The writing reads, "Bath Salts, Laender Citrus / Indulge".
Tan colored pot with a bump out design similar to pottery you would find in desert. Its coloring has a subtle speckle design. Planted inside the pot is a Green cordotum.
A wide brim cream sunhat with an antique floral design on the inside.
Lei Woven Tray
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Round star opal necklace in gold. This necklace has a delicate gold chain, with a coin pendant. The pendant has a twinkle star impression with a set opal in the center. This star shape is off-center with other star impressions in a natural display with different sizes scattered across the pendant.
The front of the celestial notebook. With a cream background, featured are gold sun bursts, branches, stars, and moons. On each side of the notebook are gold script reading "dreams of stardust," and "ideas of brilliance".
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In front of a tan background is a close up of a round gold pendent on a gold chain necklace. In the middle of the pendent is a gold rose with a gold banner at the top. Etched in the banner is the word ‘Amour.'
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Bucket hat covered in a trippy moss and cream checkered pattern. The hat has subtle row s of cream stitching around the brim.
Two gold rings that reads 'mama' in cursive within the band. Each ring sold sparely.
Side view of an olive green plastic watering can. The spout is curved with a white sprinkler head. The vessel has a sprouting design and handle is an L shape attaching at the top and back side of can.
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Hanging in front of a dusty rose background is two light tan hanging pots. The pots are wide and round and slightly taper at the bottom. The pot on the left is lower than the one on the right. There is a dark green plant inside each pot. Both pots are being held up by three silver wires.
Hard cover of cook book reading '45+ sweet and savory recipes: Floral provisions' in white bold lettering. A stunning floral arrangement is positioned behind two plates of strawberry deserts. Besides sits a sugar rimmed champagne glass. The contributors are listed below reading 'Cassie Winslow , founder of Deco Tartelette, photographed by Naomi McColloch'
Benny Pot
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A rectangle car freshener with wavey forest and lavender colored font reading, "slow down." This freshener has its colors reversed on either side.
Pair of two earrings with three dangling black flowers made of black polymer clay. The flowers are bound together in a row with small gold hoops.
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Set of two eclectic styled candle holders, shaped to fit perfectly besides each other with mirroring curved edges. The candle holder to the left is black and taller and the holder to theft is smaller and white. Two white candle sticks stick out of each.
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Franklin Matte black self watering planter with plant
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Pair of black and white plush, fuzzy slippers. The straps of the slippers are black and white criss crossing at the middle.
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Small black and white checkered claw hair clip with a square shape and two simple geometric cutouts.
Photo of a dark olive green hard cover book on a warm white surface. Book cover reads "Home body" handwritten in lowercase letters. There is a line drawing of a face with closed eyes centered on the bottom, two lines are coming down from her chin to create a neck. The neck lines connect to a thin border outlining the book cover. Authors name Rupi Kaur is written above the illustrated face.
A yin and yang candle that outlines the shape of a yin yang where the spaces of the yin yang are the candle, making it have two wicks. It has a ceramic black vessel with a natural looking finish, giving it a unique design.
Print of orange leafy plants known as dwarf umbrella trees, drawn against a lilac background and large ivory moon.  The print is displayed in a light wooden frame near dried florals.
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Glass tube vessel filled with 100 tan incense sticks. The vessel is wrapped in a soft pink label that reads 'paddy wax: spice amber smoke with vanilla'. The lid doubles as an incense holder and is shown with a single stick positioned. A group of flowers is positioned to the left.
A pink and white checkered book with the title "You Need to Hear This". The title is a combination of turquoise, orange, red and green text.
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White beach chair with soft pink cushion made of beach-friendly towel material. The chair sits against a plain white background.
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Muted coral colored glazed ceramic candle vessel with pika-boo flower designs displaying the vessel's raw exterior. The flowers are in an all over pattern with different sizes and variations. This candle also has 3 wicks.
Birds eye view of a round tin with a white candle inside. The candle has three white wicks. Leaning on the right side is a round tin pink lid. In the middle is white text that reads ‘pomegranate pink pepper & resin.’
The Santorini diffuser looks like an old clay vase with handles. Something you would find in Greece. The color is a warm clay.
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