Valentine's Day

Peach colored translucent glass beam candle vessel with white wax and matching glass lid.
In front of a white background is a light pink clear glass jar. On the jar is an etched in floral print. In the middle is a white sticker with a black and gold border. Inside the sticker is gold text that reads ‘Voluspa’ and black text that reads ‘Panjore Lychee.’ There is a matching lid leaning against the right side of the jar.
Pruning shears with a narrow tip, and light cream colored handle and a black clasp to connect when shears are not in use. There is small black text on the side of the shears that read, "Jungle Club".
A pink moisture meter with a rounded head and a white meter that ranges from dry, moist, or wet along with a small oval label in the front that reads, "Jungle Club".
On a pink background is the pink pruning shears staged next to pink flowers.
Light pink daisy keychain on a gold ring with a red center.
Birds eye view of a round tin candle. Inside is a white candle with a white wick in the center. The lid is leaning against the left side of the candle. The lid is whtie with pink and gold swirly lines. There is a white circle in the middle with gold text that reads ‘voluspa.’
Two different sized chocolate bars with white and light purple packaging along with black letters at the top that read, "Mast Lavender Chocolate".