5 gold pouches that contain a face mask. pouch reads "honey nourishing".
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Two gold upside down arch earrings with a gold wire finding.
A model wearing the Hadley Hoops which are thin larger gold hoop earrings.
The sunglow planter has a gold metal finish, making it reflective to the light. It has a round shape with a tapered bottom. Shown planted is a monstera plant which has beautiful contrasting colors to the pot.
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On a light pink background is a photo of three gold sparkling candles in the shape of a "1" a "2" and a "3".
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A single sparkler in gold packaged on a white cardboard backing.
A dainty dangly earring with a star stud and a chain hanging down the back side and a wavy cubic zirconia studded down the front.
A dainty gold chain necklace with a tiny "D" secured within the chain.