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Dad's Best

Stumped on what to get Dad this Father's Day? Whether he's your best pal or a consistent behind-the-scenes supporter, it's time to send the treats his way! Check out our fav's for pops this Father's Day...

Bear Local Baseball Jersey

Farm Rucksack- Army Green | Ten Journal | Teak Water bottle

 Teak Water Bottle | Blond Wood Water Bottle | Silver Lining Water Bottle

Wild and True Card | Akron Wallet | Edison Leather Key Clip 

Ceramic Bullet Planter | Ceramic Funnel Planter | Ceramic Cylinder Planter

Heritage Cook Book

Patchouli Soy Candle | Teakwood & Tobacco Candle | Amber & Moss

Dapper Dopp Kit | Prospector Co. Aftershave | Body Cleanser | Compressed Towel

If you're near or far, don't forget to give your old man a call and a little extra love this Father's Day!


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