DIY | Succulent Wreath

Ask any of us at the store what our favorite product is, and nine times out of ten, you'll probably hear succulents! So what better way to add a bit of holiday cheer to our homes than with a living succulent wreath?

The wreath mold includes all the information that you need for building your living wreath, but we thought we would show you how easy it is, just incase you need that extra push!

You will need a pencil or some kind of poker, a bucket filled with water, wire (optional) and your favorite succulents. That's it! 

Start off by dipping your wreath in water, being careful not to make it too wet as this will drown your succulents. Remove your succulents from their cups and loosen their roots. Leave just enough roots at your succulents base to anchor it when planted. 

Poke a hole in your wet moss wreath and plant your succulent. Repeat around your entire wreath for a living masterpiece. Floral wire or pins will help to secure your succulents until they are fully rooted. 

Pressed for time? Grab a ready planted wreath from the store and hang it in a minute! 

 Wishing you a very happy and safe holiday season. Happy planting!

xo - The whole Pigment team

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I love this idea. Not enough succulent crafts in the world.



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