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Hi friends! So happy to be back at it with this series. Miss Katie Hart with Odd Daughter Paper Co. is as much of a delight as her paper press designs are. A Southern California native, Katie followed her sister down to San Diego and continues to be inspired by surrounding native plants and landscaping. We popped over to her charming little house where she creates and designs all her paper goods.

Odd Daughter-18

Odd Daughter-2

Odd Daughter-25

  Where did the name "Odd Daughter" come from?  "Odd Daughter was actually my mom's nickname in middle school. Her maiden name was Evenson, and one of her teachers cleverly started calling her Odd Daughter... and the name stuck!  I always thought it was kind of fun + quirky. When I think about when my mom was growing up, correspondence was so much more personal. When she went away to camp, she wrote her parents a letter, rather than simply sending a text or email. As much as I love today's conveniences, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of handwritten communication-- which, of course, deepens my love for paper + stationery! "

Odd Daughter-8

Odd Daughter-9

Odd Daughter-10

  What would you say inspires you and your designs?  "I am incredibly inspired by color and pattern. I absolutely love the landscaping and native plants of San Diego + Los Angeles. Succulents, cactus, & bougainvillea are inspiring to no end! I'm also inspired by different forms of hand lettering, and love hand painted signage."

Odd Daughter-23

Odd Daughter-20

Odd Daughter-17

Odd Daughter-15

Odd Daughter-16

How did you find/come to know about Pigment?  "When I was first thinking about moving to San Diego, the lovely Jamie Street of Rad + In Love sent me a list of her favorite spots. Pigment was on the list, and once I stepped inside, I knew I'd be happy in San Diego. Seriously."   In which direction do you see Odd Daughter branching out?  "I have lots of hopes for Odd Daughter! I just designed my first custom wedding invitations, and am interested in branding projects as well. Mostly, though, I'm just eager to continue growing my stationery line! I'm planning to have new cards + prints available soon."

Odd Daughter-13

  What do you think about when you hear the word "community"? "When I think about community, I picture completely different people coming together and supporting one another. I've had great experiences with the design community -- with creative people giving advice and helping me out! I appreciate that San Diego is small enough that there really is a community feel and that people are eager to support one another."

Odd Daughter-22

Look for Odd Daughter Paper Co. products and Pigment online, and in store. And you can check out her latest projects and what she's up to here.  

photos by Chantal Pasag

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