Nothing but Love for LoveTatum

What can we say about our girl Tatum? She is extremely talented, super friendly and creates some of the most beautiful jewelry that we are so excited to carry in store and now online.

LoveTatum at Pigment

LoveTatum at Pigment

We were curious about LoveTatum, so set out to get to know a little more about her and how she's become such a successful jewelry designer.


What brought you out here to San Diego?

"Most people are in shock when they find out I have a culinary background. In a nut shell… I graduated from a four-year program at Johnson & Wales University with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts & a Bachelor’s in Food Service Management. If you know me you know that once I set my mind to something I do it! With that said, a year prior to graduating I came to visit University of San Diego with my little brother. I told him that even if he didn’t end up going here for college that once I graduated I would move here and I did. Two weeks after graduation I moved all of my belongings from the east coast to San Diego with no job, no friends and no familiarities. Once I was here I took a job as the Executive Chef for a Kosher Catering company & Event Chef at a local high-end catering company and have called San Diego home for the past seven years."

LoveTatum at Pigment


Tell us about your sources and materials you use to make your pieces.

"When I began jewelry designing I was 10 years old with humble supplies of glass beads, stretchy string & whatever I could pick apart from my vintage finds from antique stores. As each year passed my taste level changed and I began to incorporate sterling silver and expensive briolettes from all over the world –this went on for about 10 years until the requests to design with gold became overbearing and I finally gave in! Little did I know that the demand of gold jewelry would take over the fashion accessory world.Currently our LoveTatum Collection is now made up of 98% gold & 2% silver accessories.Our best sellers are our 24kt electro-formed gold items. The difference between forming as opposed to plating is that is has 3x’s more gold in each piece and therefore lasts longer. The combination of our quality metal + a show-stopping gemstone + the love I have for each piece can not be compared to any other jewelry designer out there."


These beauties are made from preserved pieces of nature, transformed into a beautiful necklace charms and are available online!

LoveTatum + Mario Lopez

What!! Tatum got to hang with Slater??!! From the looks of your site, LoveTatum has gained quite a bit of press, how did that come about for you?

"It has come from viewing every moment as an opportunity. I started doing trunk shows and events and from there continued to network and meet amazing people. The press I’ve received have come from good word of mouth & client referrals."


A very colorful and sweet LoveTatum booth display.

Any advice to young women out there aspiring to start their own endeavors/business?

"a. Make sure you are doing what you love! b. The doors that you are meant to walk through will open and the doors that you are not will close c. Set your standards high~ dream, believe in yourself, achieve d. Balance your life"

We LoveTatum. We are inspired. We hope you are too!  XO - Pigment

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