Summer Time Camping for the Kids

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It's Memorial Day Weekend, this weekend, and so brings the onset of SUMMER! It's time for the smells of sunscreen, the ocean, dirt, BBQ, bonfires and the open air as the sunny rays beat down and warm your smiling face. Whether you're planning a big Euro Trip or just laying low this summer, one activity EVERYONE does in the summer is GO CAMPING, or "Glamping" (glamorous-camping, that is) if you so prefer. So unpack the closet, shake off the dirt of last summer from your tent, and hit the road (or the backyard, or beach, or all of the above). Here's some of our favorite inspiring camping pics.



Hulton Archive


We shot some great pics of Pigment owners' little girls, Lyla and Ella, with some of our awesome kids camping gear we have in store. Who knew kids could go glamping too?



The Olga Teepee is a great kids set up for the backyard, bedroom or beach.


We love these Smile Lanterns...


Too freakin' cute.


Gotta have your tunes when you're road tripping - the SunnyLIFE Radio can help you out. 

Get outdoors this summer! xo - Pigment

Lyla and Ella are accompanied on their kid camping journey by some fun items that your kiddos will love camping with on the beach, in the woods or in the backyard.

The Olga Teepee and Pillow from Wolfum

Real Life Stuffed Friends from Hansa

The Farmhouse Chair by Bend Seating for Mom and Dad to lounge

The Smile LED Lantern

The Baggu Canvas Backpack (great for kids and parents)

The SunnyLIFE Radio

Vintage Suitcases to bring all the necessities 

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