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Our neighboring business, Splash wine bar, is not your typical wine bar. Owner Traci Smith had a gut feeling that her self-served wine bar concept was just what North Park needed. 5 years going strong and we couldn't agree more.

Splash Wine Bar_North Park

When did you open Splash?  "Splash opened right during the economic crash – December of 2008." Why did you choose North Park as a location to open Splash? "Again, I chose the location and made the decision to open Splash prior to the crash, and North Park was an 'up and coming' neighborhood. I own a home in North Park and felt the community was really trending toward a thriving food and beverage community. Well it took much longer than anticipated for that to happen because all the growth stopped in ’08, but it has proven true in the last couple of years and I’m very happy with my choice to be in North Park. I wouldn’t want to be in any other community. Everyone has been so supportive."

Splash Wine Bar_North Park

What do you enjoy most about North Park? "I love the eclectic mix and laid back vibe of North Park. At Splash we try hard to create a living room environment that is unpretentious and allows people to learn about and enjoy wine in a comfortable atmosphere. I think North Park also radiates that feeling. The community is very relaxed and all walks of life are embraced. I also love all that is available at my fingertips. Living and working in North Park often makes me feel like I really have little reason to ever leave North Park. I am in Balboa Park several times a week, there are great trails for running my dog, amazing dining and all varieties of shopping. I love supporting small, locally owned shops and I think North Park is such a great breeding ground for that grassroots type of living."


Splash Wine Bar_North Park

A Splash taste card, a place to jot down your favorite tastes, and an empty wine glass waiting to be filled

Splash Wine Bar_North Park

Splash wine bar is not your typical wine bar. They got a fancy way to wine taste - Enomatic wine machines that are self-serve - pretty cool huh?

Splash-Wine bar_North Park

Where did the name Splash come from? "Since I have the Enomatic wine machines that are self-serve, the state of California at the time, would only allow a one ounce pour to be self served. So it is literally just a “Splash” of wine that comes out of the machines. I wanted a one-word name that was catchy and descriptive of the concept. I came up with the name while on a run through Balboa Park with my good friend."

Splash Wine Bar_North Park

Splash also offers some tasty eats for lunch, happy hour or during a night of wine tasting. (Left: "Splakers" - Splash's version of seasoned Saltine Crackers paired with a raspberry Chipotle cream cheese. Right: classic Caprese Salad with house Balsamic vinegar reduction)

Splash Wine Bar_North Park

Yummy flat breads. Left: The White Splash. Right: The Spring Splash (vegetarian).

What is your favorite thing about Pigment? "One thing??? Honestly, I was just in the other day and bought a magazine and some lotion, but I really could have spent the entire day in the shop. There is always something so interesting and fun and I truly have the most difficult time not wanting to buy everything. If I had to pick one thing it would probably be the great collection of books."

Splash Wine Bar_North Park

If you're ever in the neighborhood you should definitely check out Splash! We think you'd love it!

3043 University Ave San Diego, CA 92104 // (619) 296-0714


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