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These are our friends - Tangerine Tree Photography.

Aside from being a very talented photography duo, they are an incredibly nice couple, and a very sweet family (that's growing!).

Where did the name "Tangerine Tree Photography" come from? "Erik and I started Tangerine Tree Photography together about 4 years ago after working separately on other little photo ventures . We are huge Beatles fans, and came up with a list of lyrics from songs that we liked, and Tangerine Tree stuck ("Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies" from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)."

When you hear the word "community" what comes to mind? "Community is an extension of home and family, and really sharing a sense of responsibility and connectedness to the people around you. Feeling that what you put out into the universe will ultimately come back to you."

What do you look for when you shop at Pigment? Madi - "I love how you bring the outdoors inside. The eco orbs and butterfly collections on the walls are my favorite. My Mom and I like to pick up plants and work on them together. The orbs are definitely a two person job! :)"

Sheri - "I can't resit the plants and Tend orbs,  Gainey pots, and Rifle paper products.  We find ourselves checking out the baby items more and more...because we're expecting a baby this summer!"

What makes Pigment unique to you? Erik - "When explaining Pigment to friends who have never been into the shop, I always say that you could close your eyes, reach out and grab something, and whatever it is that you picked, it's going to be awesome.  It'll be cool, different, fun and you'll love it.  There aren't many shops I know of where you can do that."

Sheri - "I always leave feeling inspired to go home and create something! Maybe redecorate a little nook in my home, send out a handwritten note or cook a new meal for my family."

Sheri loves Pigment's jewelry selection. She accessorized her (very cute) outfit with a one of our Roost Gold Cuffs we used to carry. (Be on the look out for more Jewelry online and in store!)

Erik, Sheri and Madi were photographed on the very lovely Charmichael Loft Sofa by Gus Modern Furniture. This beaut is currently staged in our Vintage pop up shop located on Ray Street. Check it out if you're ever in the neighborhood.

Thank you, Tangerine Tree Photography + Madi, for such a fun photo session! We feel the love and support, truly.

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