I've always felt a connection to Jim Dine's Ten Winter Tools, a series of lithographs from 1973. The combination of gesture and rendering make for romanticized images of ordinary tools and an aesthetic that I love.  I read somewhere that the series was a reference to home, to family, to his father. I too feel an emotional connection to the mundane and feel compelled to adopt many a tool in my vintage hunting.

This post is dedicated to scissors and the inklings of a new collection.

A few pics of Dine's beautiful "Ten Winter Tools", 1973.

the burgeoning collection

a pair of 'a pair of scissors'

Well loved and in my favorite color way.

Again, all things turquoise come home with me.

Teeny tiny... for thread no doubt

These were a splurge.  I usually pass on the fancier, pricier pairs and stick to the utilitarian, but I had to have these.  Small, delicate and sharp like a weapon.  I love the contrast.

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