Felted Fun!

What started out as a hunt for unique toys for a baby girl has now expanded into a hand crafted collection of these adorable stuffed animals. Created by 3D story artist and art teacher, Jackie Huang, Wool Buddy brings the art of needle felting to life! Creating his own stuffed animals for his baby girl has now expanded into a collection of over 300 characters.


Large felted Octopus friend that we love for it's playful tentacles and his bubbly eyes.


Big owl. Little owl. Cute cute cute!

Mini Octopus

Mini Octopus friend; the perfect companion to the Big Octopus


Little Rabbit friends that we adore as much as the little owl guys.

If you love these little guys as much as we do, stop by our shop to see them for yourself. They make great gifts for kids, and craft-enthusiasts too!

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