A Show by Shelby Collins

One of Pigment's newer additions to the team, Miss Shelby Collins, had her opening reception for her Senior Exhibition Monday night at Point Loma Nazarene University. She's been working really hard on this all year, so we were sure to be there and show our love and support.

Shelby Collins-9

Shelby Collins

Shelby Collins

Shelby Collins-2

Shelby Collins-5

"The whole is comprised of two parts: the interior and the exterior, the center and the circumference. They are distinct and separate, yet their condition of being depends on the radius between them."

Shelby Collins-7

Shelby Collins-8

Privy to her show's statement, Shelby created these pieces to represent the relationship between Center and Circumference.

Shelby Collins-10

Pigment Family Love.

Shelby Collins-11

Framed pieces that express shadows, lines, shapes and figures - stunning!!

Shelby Collins-12

Shelby Collins

Shelby joined the Pigment family last summer after meeting Pigment owner, Amy Paul, in a  color theory class at Point Loma Nazarene taught by Amy. Inspired by Amy and Pigment's carefully curated concepts, Shelby jumped at the opportunity to work with us and we're so happy to have her.

We couldn't be more proud of her on this day. Congratulations Shelby! If you get a chance, swing by the store and say HI! --- She's really, super nice. 

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