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New Year Resolutions...

Here at Pigment, one of our New Year resolutions is to spread kindness, and we'd like to kick that off by giving back! This month we've paired up with our local food bank and will be accepting donations (of at least 3 non-perishable goods), and in return we are offering 15% off ALL Gus Modern Furniture.

Check out some of our favorites:

1. Modern Pawn Stool Accent Table

2. Modern Bishop Table

3. The School Counter Stool

4. The Jane Sofa

5. The Atwood Sofa

6. The Carmichael Chair

Don't live in the neighborhood? No worries, we got you covered- Purchase Gus Modern Furniture from our site and we will donate on your behalf!

Gus - Keep On Giving

This year's motto - "Keep on giving" This offer runs through January only. Join us. And thanks!


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