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Pigment is Growing (up)...

After five and a half years Pigment secured a new lease in a new home just two doors from the old space, and it is bittersweet to leave the place where it all started. Humble beginnings come to mind when thinking of the genesis of Pigment (then known as Kalos Designs). Initially a shared space with Kate Ross Shoes, it functioned primarily as a space to display Amy's artwork. In time, they featured other talented artists, Ramone Zarate of Autonomous Design Studio and Britt Neubacher of Tend Living were among the firsts. Store music blared from a small boom box and a one year old puppy named Cash greeted you at the door.  A year later and a name change to Pigment, the modest storefront grew into a full fledged lifestyle store. After five years we found ourselves growing, growing, growing! So much so that we moved into a bigger space.

new space_Pigment

New space - demolition time.

grand opening

A blank canvas...

build out_new space_Pigment


grand opening-39


New Home

New Home

New Home

New Home-


New Home-52

Grand Opening

Prepping for our Grand Opening...

Grand Opening

Time to party! Artist and Pigment owner Amy Paul with her two daughters and their grandma in the Amigo Booth!

Grand Opening

Amigo Booth dude/owner and one of the awesome photographers of Studio Castillero, RICO!!

Grand Opening

Tasty eats provided by MIHO Gastrotruck

Grand Opening- MIHO gastrotruck

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Delicious cookies by Badunka Chunk! SOOO good!

grand opening

pretty plantings in prep of our celebration

grand opening

The Pigment Crew

 (most of) The Pigment Crew

We are so grateful to be in this new space...Thank you for celebrating this incredible milestone with us!

To our employees, who worked tirelessly and often to the brink to make this dream a reality, to all the local artist and cosigners who continue to entrust us with your beautiful designs and most of all to all of you who have supported us by shopping in our store... THANK YOU so much!


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