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The Traveler...Camping on the 101

Cayla is one of the Casares sisters you'll see running the store when you come to visit us in store. Well, she got to take some time off from building terrariums and organizing shelves and took off to travel up the 101 camping along the way. Here's what she captured: It has been sometime now since I began my adult revival of the camping sentimentality. In this case, it arose during our milder California winter. This recent sentimentality included both the joys and sorrows of lighting a campfire, the whimsical nature of the wet wind and its cold chill in your boots, the intense darkness of no moon, and the delight of a full moon. Without the foresight of a lunar calendar, my last two camping adventures have coincided with the full moon and on these nights, you scarcely need a lantern to see your own hands. We headed out of San Diego for a 6 day driving/camping tour of the Southern California Coast, although the furthest point north would actually lead us away from the desert and into a woodier, wilder climate, which included the strange lands of sand, rain, redwood, and an expanse of both coastal and inland mountain ranges. - Cayla Casares

Pigment_Camping_California Coast

[Coastal Highway 1]

Pigment_Camping_California Coast

[Plaskett Creek Campground in Big Sur]

Pigment_Camping_California Coast

[A 5’9" man at the mercy of a 50+ foot Redwood]

Pigment_Camping_California Coast

[Santa Ynez Mountains]

Pigment_Camping_California Coast

[Watercoloring on Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur]

Pigment_Camping_California Coast

[Sand Dollar Beach]

love, Cayla


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