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Undated Forest Green

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Life is crazy, but that’s nothing new.  We all know that feeling of running around with a whole list of things to do and then all of a sudden you stop and think…what am I supposed to be doing again?  The Passion Planner not only helps you get your day-to-day on track, but your entire life.  It's the one place for all of your thoughts and creativity.  It's way more than just your typical planner.  It helps you break down your short-term and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life.  And if you thought this little gem couldn’t get any better, it does… crafted of the softest brown faux leather, its animal and vegan friendly!  The Undated Forest Green Passion Planner measures to about the size of a sheet of printer paper and fits conveniently in backpacks or purses. 

Includes weekly layouts that are undated for your own personal preference, monthly overview calendars, reflection questions based on your progress, motivational quotes, and 40 additional pages for jottings notes and doodling. 

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