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Smiley Face Doormat

$ 54.00

The Smiley Face Doormat will create the perfect entrance to your home! Made from 100% natural coconut husk fibers, its rugged coir bristles scrape off dirt, mud, moisture and debris. With vinyl backing to keep your mat it place, you can place your mat in any area with confidence.

UV-protected color to resist fading and text is printed with high quality UV ink that helps prevent fading -- no vinyl is used so there will be no peeling.

Dimensions | Standard 16" x 24"

Care Instructions:

We recommend placing your doormat in an area with lower traffic. They must be kept in a dry place such as an enclosed porch, outer hallway , garage, etc.

Once wet the print can appear faded or smeared due to loss of fibers. 

To clean, just give it a good shake!

Made in the USA

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