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Fermob Luxembourg Bar Cart

$ 932.00
Steel Grey
Cedar Green
Willow Green
Cotton White
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Product details

The Luxembourg range, initially produced for the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, has become something of a legend in its own right. Its style is an emblem of French design – an expression of French culture in furniture form! Today, Luxembourg is a fabulous collection made from aluminium whose watchwords are lightness, joie de vivre  and conviviality. Recently, Fermob asked Frédéric Sofia to reinterpret the legendary chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg, created in 1923 in the Paris parks department workshops, and which Fermob still manufactures today for the city's public gardens. The result was a whole collection of furniture with the same distinctive lines and forms, combining the lightness and resistance of aluminium with the comfort of curved seat slats.

Luxembourg Side Table and Bar: This trolley bar, complete with removable tray and lower shelf with wine rack is ideal for serving guests.

Measures: 19.3"W X 35.8"D X 26.4"H

Please Note: Ordering this product does not guarantee availability. It could take 2-14 weeks to ship depending on warehouse stock, please see below for more shipping information. We will be in touch with estimated delivery date when processing your order. 

  • Technical Details

    • Aluminium tubular frame
    • The Very High Protection treatment, provides optimum protection for steel furniture that is constantly exposed to very wet, humid or salty conditions.
    • Lounge Chair comes with foot protectors.
    • The paint used is 100% polyester, anti-UV powder paint, subject to standard tests of baking, hardness, resistance to scratches and corrosion. 
It is applied electrostatically to the furniture for optimal coverage, and then baked at very high temperature.
  • Care and Maintenance

    • Please take great care when unwrapping your furniture. Marks from knives and scissors, scratches from staples, etc are not covered under the Fermob guarantee.
    • Metal furniture can be cleaned using either clean water or water containing a non-detergent soap. Be sure to wipe dry to remove any smears or traces of lime scale. Abrasive sponges or powders should not be used to scrub the furniture. To remove dirt use a window-cleaning product that contains alcohol. Furniture with both metal and Outdoor Technical Fabric can be cleaned using soapy water and a soft brush.
    • It is advices to avoid any water accumulation near or around your furniture, especially around the feet and pads. Scratches should be quickly treated using the available Fermob after-sales tools (such as touch-up pens and sprays in the exact color of your furniture). If rust begins to appear as a result of a scratch or bump, you should not sand it. Instead apply an anti-rust product as quickly as possible, then repaint the area using the appropriate Fermob touch-up pen or spray paint. If rust develops on stainless-steel parts, then a polish should be applied.
    • Fermob Furniture that includes wood treated with Textrol® can be maintained using a wood cleaner, followed by a wood sealer.
    • Fermob Furniture that features OTF (Outdoor Technical Fabric) should be protected from potential damage from contact with sharp objects or sources of heat, such as cigarettes. It is recommended to store in a dry, well-ventilated place during winter. Avoid covering with plastic or any other moisture-trapping product. It is also recommended to clean off any traces of bird droppings as quickly as possible, as it can be particularly damaging and may lead to permanent corrosion or staining.
  • Warranty Information

    • All Fermob furniture protected with the High Protection Treatment offers a one-year limited structural warranty, as well as a warranty against visible forms of deterioration.

    • All Fermob furniture protected with the Very High Protection Treatment offers a three-year limited structural warranty, as well as a warranty against visible forms of deterioration.

    • The Very High Protection Treatment is applied as standard to all our premium products. It can be applied to any Fermob product upon specific request and subject to certain conditions.

    • Acrylic textiles and PVC are guaranteed for 1 year against UV, wear and tear, mold and tearing.

    • The reticulated foam stuffing is also guaranteed against mold for 1 year.

    • This warranty is available to authorized dealers (original invoice customers only) for workmanship and materials on Fermob products. If a Fermob product is found to be defective in that time period and reported with supporting photos, Fermob will, at its sole discretion repair or replace the product.

    • Replacement shipping costs are paid by Fermob if < 1 year. After 1 year shipping is the customers responsibility. Shipping must be to the customers original address.

    • The Fermob Warranty does not cover the following:

    • This warranty is limited to products being used in the manner in which they were originally intended and will not cover damages resulting from normal wear and tear, misuse, damages in shipping, failure to follow instructions, unauthorized repair or alterations, fire, flood etc. Chairs should be used for sitting only and leaning back on the two back legs is considered hazardous and damages arising from such use are not covered. Tables should be used as designed and not for standing or sitting.

    • Any damage arising from insufficient care, or from non-compliance with the supplied instructions and advice for receiving, assembling, using, maintaining and storing Fermob furniture; general wear and tear or natural fading of the materials used; corrosion originating from scratches or abrasions that result from general wear and tear, or which cannot be repaired with touch-up paint; the corrosion of parts due to use in a confined or chlorinated environment; any changes in the visual appearance of wood that are directly linked to aging. Finishes are not warranted for the 3-year period as the life of the product is greatly determined by care as well as the environment it is in.

    • Not every item in this price list is appropriate for Contract use. Fermob expects the specifier to have general knowledge of how the product will be used and if there are any questions as to the appropriateness of a particular product, inquiries must be made to FermobUSA. Technical specs as well as questioning the factory regarding manufacturing processes should be able to answer any question and make sure the products chosen are appropriate for the placement and use. Contract use includes but is not limited to hotels, restaurants, public spaces, rental property, office, commercial or any nonresidential use.

    • All defects MUST be resolved with the retailer utilizing the retailers original invoice date. Any defects for must be reported with supporting photos to FermobUSA. Fermob does not authorize any person the right to create any other liability than described herein.

  • Shipping Information

    • In stock items will ship within 2-4 weeks.
    • Please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery on all out of stock items.
    • This manufacturer mandates a 10% delivery surcharge.
    • Inside Delivery option is available upon checkout 
    • For White Glove Delivery service please specify in the comment section, upon check out, and we will respond to you within 48 hours.

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