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Fairy Door

$ 28.99
Pale Pink
Pale Green
Fairy Floss
Pale Orange

Product details

Open your innocent babe's mind to a world of fantasy and wonder with these sweet fairy doors. Each little door offers a gateway for Fairies and Elves to pass through, even the tooth fairy can use it to visit. Complete your fairy world with a mailbox, bench and staircase, allowing the fairies to leave little notes, footprints and maybe even fairy dust. 

Doors open inward, so that once it is installed, only the fairies can open it. Use double-sided sticky tape to hang and let the fairies know they are welcome any time!

Door measures:  5 by 8 by 1 inches. 

Select from Pale Pink, Pale Green, Aqua, Fairy Floss or Pale Orange.

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