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  • Cob Web - 2½"
  • Cob Web - 2½" with exposed roots

Cob Web - 3.5"

$ 4.50

Product details

Cob Web is native to the higher altitudes in Europe. It forms delicate rosettes with pale green leaves. The very heavy white webbing and species name - "Arachnoideum " - lends to the cob web looking detail. Although this plant is very cold tolerant, it is best to protect it from frost to prevent possible scarring. For planting, use a container with well-drained soil in full sunlight or an area with plenty of bright light. Water every 2 weeks and let the soil dry in between waterings. 

Measures 2½ x 3½ inches.

Can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States due to customs regulations.

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