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  • Chilewich Shag Mixed Stripe Floormat - Luxe
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Chilewich Shag Mixed Stripe Floormat

$ 49.95

Product details

Offering a bold statement, the Mixed Stripe floormat is ideal for bathrooms, terraces and entryways.

Chilewich's Shag Indoor/Outdoor Mats are made by tufting custom extruded yarns as loops onto a primary backing and then binding them onto a hardworking vinyl that could weather any storm outdoors and provides functionality underfoot indoors. Offered in four sizes: doormat, utility mat, big mat and runner. The stripes run parallel to the long side on doormats and big mats, and parallel to the short side on the utility mats and runners.

Mold, mildew and chlorine resistant. Shag Indoor/Outdoor Mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Made in USA. Phthalate free.

*Note: Unfortunately free shipping does not apply to customers located outside of the United States.   

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