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Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative

$ 54.00

Backuchiol Serum is a naturally derived retinol-alternative serum to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while sealing hydration.  Bakuchiol, the key ingredient, is sourced sustainably from the Ayurvedic Babchi Plant.

Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types, Bakuchiol works with the skin to refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the power of natural botanicals. 

The uniquely bouncy, jelly-textured water-based serum spreads smoothly over skin, instantly providing hydration and leaving skin silky soft.  Pair with your favorite facial roller for a beautiful glow and lifted appearance. 

·        Scent | Unscented

·        Texture | Bouncy, jelly-like water-based serum

·        Color | Light purple naturally hued from a blend of naturally derived botanicals including babchi, turmeric, holy basil, basil, and eggplant extracts.

·        Size | 1 oz

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