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Due to COVID-19, please expect fulfillment delays. Due to COVID-19, please expect fulfillment delays.

Senecio Pickle Plant

$ 6.95
6 inch

The ever-charming Senecio Pickle Plant (in the same family of String of Pearls), will bring some spunk and personality into your plant collection. This plant grows upright at first, but as it matures it can curve and cascade in beautiful lines. 

The Pickle Plant is a for of succulent, so requires very minimal water and prefers being within a few feet of a southern or eastern exposure. If keeping indoors, we recommend watering every 2 weeks and let the soil dry in-between watering.

For best care: keep in a warm, sunny space and water once the soil is dry

If shipping to climates 45 degrees and below, we recommend adding a heat pack to your order. One per plant is recommended. 


Comes in plastic grow pot measuring 4 or 6 inches in diameter.

Decorative pot not included with plant purchase.

* A commitment to providing the healthiest, happiest plants sometimes requires a special trip to the greenhouse. Your patience while we hand-pick the best specimen for you is much appreciated. Expect your plant to ship within 5-7 business days.

*We know how eager you are to enjoy your new plant, rest assured we're doing all that we can to get your new plant to you safely and swiftly.

Can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States due to customs regulations.