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Calathea Veitchiana

$ 24.00

Isn't this a beauty! A complete favorite around here, the Calathea Veitchiana loves to show off its purple undersides and vibrant colorful patterns on the top side. Let it live indoors as a table plant or short bush as it rarely gets bigger than 24" tall and 24-26" wide.

Calathea like bright, indirect light but are very sensitive to water. We recommend watering with distilled water, making the soil moist but never soggy. It's a little more fussy than some of the rest in its class, but well worth the effort.

Pet friendly.

Comes in plastic grow pot measuring 4 or 6 inches in diameter. 


*Please note that there may be a delay in processing your order due to weather. Plants ship best in 45-80 degree temperatures. We will use heat/cold packs accordingly but if weather along the shipping route or in your area exceeds the ideal shipping temperatures, we may need to delay your shipment. 

* Pot shown on the 6 inch is the White Circle Planter - Large and Jenner Pot - White on the 4 inch. Pots are not included with plant purchase.

* A commitment to providing the healthiest, happiest plants sometimes requires a special trip to the greenhouse. When choosing specimen, we encounter a wide variety of plants all at different stages of maturity; each plant we source is unique. The plant you receive may be taller, longer or shorter than the one pictured. We photograph the plant that best represents what we most frequently encounter at the greenhouse. Your patience while we hand-pick the best specimen for you is much appreciated. Expect your plant to ship within 5-7 business days.

* We know how eager you are to enjoy your new plant, rest assured we're doing all that we can to get your new plant to you safely and swiftly.

* Can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States due to customs regulations.

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