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Macadamia Blossom Honey - 16oz

$ 20.00
This Macadamia Blossom Blend Honey is from Wai Meli Honey's Pa’auilo bee yard. It is a one-off blend that offers rich, dark, and well-rounded flavors. This varietal is the darkest honey they harvest all year and came during the winter months. As the temperatures drop to 60 degrees F in our Macadamia orchard, the trees push out their flower tassels and attract our honey bees to their elegant sprays. This honey offers rich flavors of molasses and a smooth palate that carries hints of the previous trees that were in bloom, the Eucalyptus robusta. This combination is extremely unique and makes a delightful addition to brines, marinades, or simply drizzled atop vanilla ice cream. Enjoy this honey by the spoonful.