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Island Blooms Candle

$ 32.00

A single plumeria behind your ear, petals caressing your cheek.  Your hair entangled with the ocean's mist and fragrant sea breeze.  Eyes glued to the glistening sea and the dozens of plumeria plants bursting with new blooms.

Island Blooms is brimming with the fragrance of intoxicating plumerias.  Plumerias are unlike any other flower in that each cultivar has its own unique aroma.  With floral tones and subtle sweetness, the Island Blooms scent is complex and enticing and will fill any space with its delicious aroma.

This velvety, matte vessel also doubles as a pot for a special plant of yours—we love a multi-use product.

Inspired by California beach culture and made in house, our very own Sunshine Studios takes inspiration from the nostalgic colors of the past—bright, playful and fun-loving.

·        Scent | Tropical Plumeria

·        Fill | 16oz

·        100% Non-GMO, USA grown, all natural soy wax

·        Sustainably sourced cork lid

·        Made in house by our very own Sunshine Studios in Sunny San Diego, CA

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