Zodiac Mini Stone Pack

$ 12.00

A perfect gift for your friend interested in all things zodiac signs and crystals. 

Each sign includes one clear quartz stone (the master healer and energy transmitters amplifies the energy of all other stones) and one stone curated to support the attributes of the associated zodiac sign. 

The front cover of the gift box features the zodiac constellation and stones included. The inner cover describes the crystal properties. The back cover describes zodiac sign attributes.

AQUARIUS: clear quartz + amethyst

ARIES: clear quartz + hematite

CANCER: clear quartz + lepidolite

CAPRICORN: clear quartz + tiger eye

GEMINI: clear quartz + citrine

LEO: clear quartz + carnelian

LIBRA: clear quartz + bloodstone

PISCES: clear quartz + lapis

SAGITTARIUS: clear quartz + soladite

SCORPIO: clear quartz + ruby in zoisite

TAURUS: clear quartz + rose quartz

VIRGO: clear quartz + jasper