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Jenner Pot - White - Pigment
This miniature bright white cylinder pot homes a dainty plant with forest green leaves and soft red stems.
Giraffe Planter - Pigment
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Giraffe Planter
From $ 18.95
Delray Footed Pot - Pigment
Boca Footed Pot
From $ 4.95
Gold flake speckled white pot with dark and light green leafy green plant.
Beyonce Pot
From $ 12.95
Indo Pot - Pigment
Indio Pot
From $ 8.95
This bright white cylinder pot homes a forest green plant with long, sword-like leaves.
Brooklyn Vase
From $ 4.95
Celfie Vase - Vanilla - Pigment
Sao Pot - Pigment
Junior Pot
From $ 8.00
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Fluted Ceramic Pot - 5" - Pigment
Ceramic Ledge Planter - White - Pigment
Deep Cylinder Pot - Matte White - Pigment
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Celfie Vase - Caramel - Pigment
Top view of Anthurium White. Anthurium has dark spade shaped leaves and tall flat white petal flowers and white-green stamen.
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Anthurium White
From $ 13.95
In front of a white background is two white pedestal bowls. Both bowls have a short and wide bowl with a pedestal bottom. The bowl in the front has a succulent and cacti arrangement inside. The bowl in the back is empty.
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Three white stoneware ceramic pots each sit on their own walnut wooden stand. Each pot and stand have a similar modern design but different staggered heights. Th pots lay against an urban cement background.
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Extra Small Macrame Plant Hanger - 12in - Pigment
Delicate green succulent bunches planted in a round white ceramic pot, tapering inwards
Calathea Dottie
From $ 16.95
Confetti Pot
From $ 12.00
Byron Pot
From $ 14.00
Photo of a hexagon shaped white planter with drainage tray sitting on a white surface. Planter has a green and white striped succulent inside of it pointing out the top.
Four gold stud earrings of bent wire in the shape of the lowercase letters A, B, C and D.
Natural Woven Palm Placemat - Pigment
2 in stock
Photo of a metallic gold rectangular packet on a light pink background. Packet reads "Honey" in large bold letters towards the top and "nourishing" in small thin capitol letters underneath. Brand name Lapcos is written at the bottom.
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