Zelda Zebra

$ 32.95

How did a zebra get its stripes?

In an eye catching striped coat, Zelda the plush Zebra features an adorable design! Black, gray, and white materials of the highest quality come together to give you the perfect plush animal! Zelda’s bright eyes will capture your imagination while details such as pale, pink airbrushing within her ears and a whimsical black and white striped mane will charm your heart.

Ready for an imaginative African adventure or snuggling up for a cuddle, Zelda’s outstretched body style is easy to pose and fun to hug. It’s pillow-like form and weighted feet make it ideal for lounging, or display her for an appealing décor piece. 

Treat yourself or your little one with a cuddle from Zelda the Zebra.

Dimensions | 18.5"

Age  | 24 months and up

Washing | Surface