Foxy Drops

$ 30.00

Foxy Drops are crafted from all natural ingredients, designed to make taking your supplements easy and fun. These flavored drops add orange flavor to your water, tea, or any drink and help you get your daily dose of vitamin B12, D3, and Ginseng extract with minimal effort.

Naturally sourced B12, D3, and adaptogenic ginseng root help to give you steadier energy without a crash, alleviate stress by balancing hormones, help boost immunity, and reduce brain fog.

Perfect For: | Adding to your morning lemon water | Crafting adaptogenic cocktails | Pre-Workout Motivation | When you're in a funk | Supplementing a vegan diet | Colder months with less sun | Adaptogen & Nutrient Profile: 3,000mg Ginseng extract | 300mcg Vitamin B12 | 300mcg Vitamin D3