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Tillandsia Bulbosa

$ 14.00

Tillandsias, also known as "air plants", are amazing plants that do not require soil to grow. Most tillandsias are found in semi-tropical regions of Central and South America, Mexico and the southern part of the United States. They absorb water and nutrients through their leaves and the roots are simply anchors. Tillandsias are ideal for adding color and variety to orb landscapes, potted plants and even floral arrangements. With proper care, they can last for years and some may even bloom.

The Bulbosa forms a bulbous shape at it's base and features tendrils that are a deep green and appear to move, almost resembling a sea creature. 

For care, mist the Tillandsia's leaves with a spray bottle 3-4 times per week, and water immediately after receiving. Prefer shaded or dappled light.

Measures 3-4 inches, depending on the season. 

Please note: We will hand pick the best specimen for you from our collection. But since these are living plants, they may vary in size and have minor leaf imperfections.