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We recently had a Calligraphy Workshop with the lovely Jenna Rainey of Monvoir. It was such a pleasure working with and learning from Jenna, that we just had to get to know her better...

How did you get into Calligraphy? 

When I was in junior high, my mom had this old fashioned calligraphy book with instruction on how to hold the pen and what not, for one of those marker calligraphy pens. I remember going over the technique but it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago I picked it up again. When my husband and I moved out to San Clemente from Chicago, a random art box got mixed up with our stuff. After calling to find the owner, and no response, I opened it up, and inside were a bunch of art supplies, paints, paper, palettes, and a few nibs and a calligraphy pen. The rest is history.

What do you like about teaching workshops? 

All of it! Teaching has been a passion of mine since high school. I’ve taught piano since then and love the journey that it takes you on. The questions, the amazement when something clicks, it’s so fulfilling!

What does your beginners class cover?

My beginning calligraphy class covers three techniques used to kickstart your love affair with calligraphy. Included in the registration price is a calligraphy kit which includes a straight pen holder, beginner nib, 1oz. black ink, alphabet guide and exemplar in my calligraphy, and practice sheets. I go over how to hold the pen, when and how to apply pressure to the pen, and the in’s and out’s of each letter in the alphabet. It’s a lot to cover and sure is hard at first, but by the end of the class, each student leaves with a grasp on dip pen calligraphy.

What makes your calligraphy style unique? 

I’m self-taught. It’s raw and organic and fits my personality.

Any tips for new calligraphers? 

YES. Ask questions and be humble. It’s always best to come from humble beginnings, in my opinion. You become a stronger business person and artist by learning things through making mistakes or asking for advice from someone whose work you admire. Once I learned to just put my embarrassment aside and ASK, so many doors opened for me.

What not to do?

Copy other artist’s work. For a couple reasons. Obviously, it’s just wrong, but more importantly to me, I feel that people have the ability to be so gifted but when you look at and copy other’s work, it starts to becomes a road block for real, genuine creativity. It’s hard to find it, but I think once it is found, you don’t ever stop learning and getting better.

Favorite must have supplies or suppliers? 

Well, I love love Windsor & Newton Gouache. I use it to mix up custom color inks. It’s awesome! And my favorite supplier is, of course, Paper & Ink Arts.

What other projects are you working on? 

Besides teaching calligraphy, I also teach Floral/Botanical watercolor, and love it. But I spend most of the time designing and creating paperie for weddings.

How does a project evolve? 

For an invitation suite, I always begin by exploring visually with a couple. They send me inspiration, or their pinterest link usually, and I get a grasp of what the theme for their wedding is, flowers they’re using, color palette, etc. Before I begin any artwork, I always sketch everything out, from the layout down to each word, and from there I move to painting and inking. For the watercolor part, I usually try to bring in floral elements that will be used on their wedding day, or even a wash for a splash of color to place on an element in the suite. The calligraphy is usually reserved for certain phrases, such as their names, “RSVP,” “Details,” etc. but once this is all written up and the artwork is finished, I scan it all in and begin designing in Adobe Illustrator. Once the design is approved, I send it to print! 

You work with your husband...can you tell us more about that? 

Yes! John has been amazing…best decision I’ve made in my business so far. For many reasons. One of them being, we are opposite brained when it comes to business. He’s so organized and strategic and has come up with a system for my workshops when it comes to when and how to order materials, packaging each kit, and correspondence with new shops. Because it’s wedding season for me right now, and I do all of the design, he’s been behind the scenes, booking classes, ordering and packaging materials, and researching shops for me to teach at. I teach roughly four classes a month, and all I have to do now is show up and teach! It’s amazing! He also packages wedding suites, does Post Office runs, makes me lunch, feeds our kitty and looks really good doing it.

Stay tuned for future workshops with our new friend Jenna.

xo - Pigment


Photos by: Megan AndersonStoffer Photography, Jenna Rainey and Pigment 

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Calligraphy Workshop with Monvoir

We had so much fun hosting a Calligraphy Workshop a few weeks ago with the lovely and talented Jenna Rainey of Monvoir. {Follow up post on Jenna - coming soon!}

The class included refreshments and a starter kit with:

  • Pen Holder
  • Beginner Nib
  • Practice Sheets
  • Black Ink
  • Alphabet Guide 
  • Examplar Sheet
  • Plus a bonus succulent

It was a morning filled with good company, homemade snacks, and refreshing cold brew coffee, thanks to the guys at Coffee & Tea Collective!

Thanks to Jenna's creative guidance, we all left the workshop feeling like we were hand lettering naturals.

A follow up class is in the works, or if you missed this one, stay tuned for upcoming workshops.

Thanks again for a great morning ladies!   xo- Pigment

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Succulent Flower Crown in 5 Steps

Succulents and San Diego go hand in hand. The same can be said for Pigment and the fleshy plants that we love so much. These sun loving beauties are the backbone of most of our creations at Pigment, and we think they deserve to be the star of your floral masterpieces. Join us as we take a closer look at what it takes to include succulents at your special gathering.

Making a Flower Crown


  • Succulents
  • Floral Wire
  • Flowers (Ranunculus, Dahlias, Thistle, Astilbe)
  • Floral Tape
  • Twine


  • Cut a base wire almost to the circumference of your head.  Prepare succulents by removing all soil, excess roots and dead leaves. Thread another wire through the base of each succulent so that you can fix this to your base wire at a later stage.
  • Prepare your florals by cutting them to 2-3″ in length and carefully thread wire through the base of the flower as your did with the succulents.
  • Now is the exciting part… Start on one side of your base wire and work your way around by attaching succulents and flowers to it with the floral tape. We recommend mixing fillers and succulents next to your bigger blooms.
  • End off with wrapping both ends of your wire with twine or ribbon, this will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also more comfortable.
  • Tie your twine together to complete your headband.

Other succulent decor ideas that are just as easy to do...

Learn how to build your own Macramé hanger or get it here!

Don't forget to replant your succulents so that they can stay with you for long after the "I do's"...  Wishing you all the best for your big day! 

Visit Exquisite Weddings to win your very own Pigment flower crown.


xo - Pigment

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DIY | Macramé Plant Hanger

Add a 70's touch to your home with a simple macramé hanging planter. It may sound like you need to be super-crafty, but once you've mastered the basic knot there is no limit to the masterpieces you can create. Stick around to see how to make your very own hanging planter.

Materials: metal ring | wood beads | measuring tape | cotton rope | scissors | pot & plant | dowel (not pictured)

Cut four pieces of rope: two that are five yards long, and two that are three yards long.

Learning the basic knot- a Square Knot.  Let's practice...

  • Lay out four strands. (We have used one pink and one green for instructional purposes)
  • Cross the left cord, currently the pink cord, over the middle cords, and under the green making a figure "4".
  • Bring the right cord, currently the green cord, behind the middle ones, and over the pink cord as shown. Tighten your knot all the way up to the top. This is a half-square knot.
  • Starting on the right this time, we'll repeat the process. Cross pink over the middle strands and under the left most strand, currently the green. Then, cross the green behind the middle and over the loop made by the pink. Pull evenly throughout to secure. Now you've made a square knot!

  • Slide your metal ring to the center of your dowel.
  • Stabilize your dowel at a height that is comfortable to work from, bearing in mind that your hanger is going to get quite long.
  • Find the halfway point of each of your four cords and fold them, creating eight strands. Thread them through the ring, positioning your ring at the midpoint of each strand.

  • Find two of your longer cords and, just as you did above, make a square knot. This time, you are going over six cords not two.
  • Using these same longer cords, separate one to the right side and one to the left and tie six more square knots.  Tip: Tug to tighten, it helps to make sure the cords aren't twisting when you tie.

  • Continue by making six half square knots, always starting with your the left hand cord. This series of half square knots will slowly create a spiral.
  • Once you have completed your spiral, separate your cords into two groups. Each group should have two short cords, and two long cords.

  • Separate cords in to two groups
  • Take one grouping of cords and move down about three inches, then make a square knot.
  • Slide a wooden bead on the two middle cords and make another square knot to secure it.
  • Skip another three inches down the cord and repeat the sequence we started with – six square knots and six spiraling half square knots.
  • Repeat on the other group.

We're almost there | Grab your planter

  • For the location of your next knot, consider the height of your planter. If it's six inches tall, as ours was, your next knot will be three inches down the cord.
  • Looking at your two groups of cords, take centermost cord from each group and pair them up. Make a square knot (unlike your other square knots, you will not have cords traveling through the middle this time).
  • Now that we have a knot connecting our two groups, let's focus on one group at a time.
  • Starting with the left, create a square knot from the two centre cords. Repeat with the other group.
  • Finally, you will see your outermost strand of each group remains. Complete your basket by knotting these cords together.

  • Pull your cords around your planter, you might need an extra hand when doing this.
  • For the final knot, join the cords at the bottom of the pot with a series of square knots.
  • Plant a beautiful plant in it and enjoy in your home or outside!

We would love to see your beautiful pieces so please tag us @shoppigment on Twitter or #pigmentdiy on Instagram. If you loved this project keep an eye out for a Macramé workshop coming soon.

Happy crafting!   xo - Pigment

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Coffee with Tatum

We caught up with Tatum Lenahan, of LoveTatum, over coffee. Besides being a successful jewelry designer, she's a stylish and fun lady who's paving the way for other female entrepreneurs. We asked her a few questions about her line and what it's like creating and designing natural works of art that people love to wear.

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

 What's been going on with LoveTatum jewelry since we last met up?

"I’ve been involved with many new exciting collaborations with celebrity stylists, Beijos Events- an event planning company based in San Francisco, FINE Magazine, Locale Magazine, San Diego Magazine and now gearing up to go gemstone collecting for Summer!"

Do you have a favorite place to travel for work? or to get inspired?

"My international travels have always inspired my designs, especially Ireland and Barbados but there’s nothing like living in San Diego. I have the best beach and plant-life at my fingertips to draw inspiration from year round."

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

Necklaces by LoveTatum Jewelry

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing LoveTatum?

Jessica Alba & Nicole Warne

With all that's going on with your line, how do you stay focused and centered during the craziness?

"It’s important to have balance in your life, even during the craziness. My release is photography, cooking, gardening and spending time with my little Frenchie, Dumpling. What keeps me centered and focused is surrounding myself with very supportive friends and family."


What do you think people love about your jewelry in particular?

"I’m pretty obsessed with unique gemstones, and I think people love the same things I love about my jewelry… the beauty of natural gemstones that have meaning."

The stones you use in your designs are so stunning and unique! How do you go about choosing just the right ones for your designs?

"I started as a rock collector when I was very young, so I'm automatically drawn to the rarity of each stone and look for unique shape, dimension, quality, clarity and origin."


Painters Palette Ring - LoveTatum Jewelry

Everyone is finding out about LoveTatum! How do you feel about making your mark in jewelry design?

"I feel truly blessed. If I ever took this for granted, I feel like this would all disappear, so I reflect constantly and I'm grateful for all of my new & loyal supporters. Thank you!"

Where do you see things going for LoveTatum in the not too distant future?

"LoveTatum continues to grow locally and expand into a home accessorizing brand."

Love Tatum Jewelry

Love Tatum Jewelry

If you love what you see, swing past our shop this Saturday for the LoveTatum Trunk Show. We'll be around 10-7, see you there!  

Thank you for chatting with us Tatum!

Photos by Chantal Pasag

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Tillandsia Trunk Show

Just about a month ago, we held a our very first  Tillandsia Trunk Show, and in case you missed it here is a recap of what we hope to have more of in the year to come!


Sharing the amazing beauty of these curious plants was just part of the inspiration for the exhibit, it was also an opportunity to learn more about them.


Here are just a few fun facts about Tillandsia care and keeping one in your home:

  • Tillandsias have the unique ability of absorbing water through their leaves, allowing them to sit free-standing of soil or planters!  Be it nested book-side on a shelf, or clinging to a piece of weathered driftwood; displaying air plants is fun and super easy. When watering your Tillandsias, mist the leaves and center of the plant (not the base) with a spray bottle.  The amount of water will vary depending on humidity.  In drier climates, like our own here in San Diego, we recommend 3-4 times a week.
  • You can tell if your Tillandsia is happy and healthy when it's leaves are growing up and out.  Brown at the edges and curling, the plant isn’t getting enough water (careful, too much water can cause them to rot).
  • In nature, Tillandsias grow under the shade of trees.  They prefer dappled light as opposed to direct sunlight.  A covered porch, patio, or a shelf near a window are ideal locations for your air plant.
  • If your Tillandsia has a mini version of itself growing from it's base, that is a baby air plant! After a few months, you can either leave it attached to start a Tillandsia "clump," or carefully separate them to start growing another specimen.


What are those things that look like roots?

Those little tendrils allow Tillandsias to anchor themselves to trees or rocks. Unlike most roots, they don't take up nutrients and the plant is not harmed by having them cut off.



tillandsia TS-3

Large Xerographica

One of our favorites here at the shop.  At 18" wide, one specimen in the trunk show was the largest the store has ever seen.  We were blown away! They were absolutely stunning.  That said,  Xerographica can actually grow up to three feet in diameter and three feet tall when blooming (can you imagine)!  They're slow growers and their health hinges on good air circulation and proper watering.

tillandsia TS-14

Look for more events to come in Spring! Happy planting!

photos by Pigment owner Amy Paul

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Getting Crafty for the Holidays | Airplant Wreath

The holidays are in full swing, and we are getting crafty with ways to decorate your home for the holidays. As some of you may know, our shop is well known for the varieties of succulents and airplants we carry. This year we decided to take a bit of an unconventional approach to dressing a your holiday wreath.....with airplants!

Here's what you'll need:


1. A basic wreath purchased at your local craft store or nursery - we used a grapevine wreath.

2. A selection of airplants, you can find at a selection of airplants at Pigment year round.

3. Any accent items - in this case we chose a stag horn and a pretty lil' twig we found during a morning walk.

4. Reindeer moss - for a pop of color and texture, also available at Pigment.

The best part about this craft project is that it requires little-to-no tools, making it is pretty mess-free. We just tucked the butts of the airplants into the wreath and using twine tied the accents to the body of the wreath.

Our in-house planter wizard, Shelby, started out by placing her accent piece.


Then she worked around that to and put the airplants in place.






Since we didn't need to use glue to keep anything in place, there was a lot flexibility in arranging the airplants, a super PLUS when doing this for your first time.  So you can create any kind of look you like; very ornate or keep things nice and light.


.....a bit of moss for a pop of color and texture.



And voila! You have an a holiday wreath that is unique, easy to care for and can last beyond the Holiday Season. Airplants and reindeer moss can be watered directly while attached to the wreath; just run the airplants under the water facet to moisten once a week. The reindeer moss needs even less water to keep its texture soft and fluffy; you can water the moss while watering the airplants every other week or so. Let dry before replacing on the wall or door.


Feeling inspired?  Join us at our Tillandsia Trunk Show on Saturday, December 14th and or hop onto our mailing list to get all the details and to keep up with future events. Happy Holidays - Pigment

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Getting Crafty for the Holidays

We were so excited to host a book-binding workshop put on by local creatives Urban Craft Camp, which is headed by some pretty talented ladies: Ana of We Love Citrus and Jenn of My Three Sons. They've joined forces to put together creative workshops  and events to inspire the maker in all of us.  And with the Holidays in the air, it is the perfect time to get crafty for holiday-gift-giving. Here is a list of basic materials you'll need to get started on book binding:

  • healing mat
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • a straight-edge or ruler
  • bone folder
  • book binding needle and thread
  • paper

Book Binding-3

Book Binding-5

 There are a number of ways to get crafty with book binding. Pinterest has some pretty helpful tutorials to get you started.

Book Binding-31

Book Binding-43

Book Binding-42

If you're looking for some pretty paper to use as a cover, we love the colors and prints of Rifle Paper's wrapping & decorative paper.

Rifle Paper Wrap

Book Binding-60

Book Binding-59

Book Binding-58

 Go get your craft on and start creating for the holidays and the new year! And if you're ever in San Diego, keep an eye out for more upcoming crafty workshops with Urban Craft Camp.

Book Binding

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Pretty Plantings...

We're at it again, planting away to our heart's delight. We got our hands on some amazingly beautiful and colorful vintage pots. There's nothing we love more than adding great pops of color to the soft and organic texture of succulents and other plants! Our vintage pot collection is one of a kind. The perfect gift for a friend!

piñata planters-40

piñata planters-24

piñata planters-21

piñata planters-32

piñata planters-37

piñata planters-38

piñata planters-33

piñata planters-35

piñata planters-34

You can find these pretty lil' plantings and much more in store at our Plant Lab, and some hand select Plant Lab goods online.

And be on the look out for some of our more famous vintage collections of Haeger, Bauer and McCoy pots, available only in store.

Happy Planting!

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We Are.... Odd Daughter Paper Co.

Hi friends! So happy to be back at it with this series. Miss Katie Hart with Odd Daughter Paper Co. is as much of a delight as her paper press designs are. A Southern California native, Katie followed her sister down to San Diego and continues to be inspired by surrounding native plants and landscaping. We popped over to her charming little house where she creates and designs all her paper goods.

Odd Daughter-18

Odd Daughter-2

Odd Daughter-25

  Where did the name "Odd Daughter" come from?  "Odd Daughter was actually my mom's nickname in middle school. Her maiden name was Evenson, and one of her teachers cleverly started calling her Odd Daughter... and the name stuck!  I always thought it was kind of fun + quirky. When I think about when my mom was growing up, correspondence was so much more personal. When she went away to camp, she wrote her parents a letter, rather than simply sending a text or email. As much as I love today's conveniences, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of handwritten communication-- which, of course, deepens my love for paper + stationery! "

Odd Daughter-8

Odd Daughter-9

Odd Daughter-10

  What would you say inspires you and your designs?  "I am incredibly inspired by color and pattern. I absolutely love the landscaping and native plants of San Diego + Los Angeles. Succulents, cactus, & bougainvillea are inspiring to no end! I'm also inspired by different forms of hand lettering, and love hand painted signage."

Odd Daughter-23

Odd Daughter-20

Odd Daughter-17

Odd Daughter-15

Odd Daughter-16

How did you find/come to know about Pigment?  "When I was first thinking about moving to San Diego, the lovely Jamie Street of Rad + In Love sent me a list of her favorite spots. Pigment was on the list, and once I stepped inside, I knew I'd be happy in San Diego. Seriously."   In which direction do you see Odd Daughter branching out?  "I have lots of hopes for Odd Daughter! I just designed my first custom wedding invitations, and am interested in branding projects as well. Mostly, though, I'm just eager to continue growing my stationery line! I'm planning to have new cards + prints available soon."

Odd Daughter-13

  What do you think about when you hear the word "community"? "When I think about community, I picture completely different people coming together and supporting one another. I've had great experiences with the design community -- with creative people giving advice and helping me out! I appreciate that San Diego is small enough that there really is a community feel and that people are eager to support one another."

Odd Daughter-22

Look for Odd Daughter Paper Co. products and Pigment online, and in store. And you can check out her latest projects and what she's up to here.  

photos by Chantal Pasag

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