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Pigment's Summer Solstice Party - 2015

Pigment's Summer Solstice Party - 2015

Let's celebrate!  Cheers to summer, friends and a kick-ass staff - three great reasons to throw a party. Thanks to all you folks that made it out for some hang time, we had a blast! 


As always, our personalized leather crowns were a huge hit. If you missed the party, give us a shout 'cause these babies are available for purchase anytime.  





It wouldn't be a Pigment party without Miho Gastrotruck bringing their amazing cuisine to North Park Way. 

August from I Love Happenstance keeping things fresh with his locally made vegan ice pops. 



 Booze were supplied by our good friends at Saint Archer.








 Ridiculous or classic, don't forget to download your photo booth pics from Amigo Photo Booth.  

Here's to a fabulous Summer and plenty more to celebrate. Til next year, cheers!
 xo- Pigment
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Dad's Best

Dad's Best

Stumped on what to get Dad this Father's Day? Whether he's your best pal or a consistent behind-the-scenes supporter, it's time to send the treats his way! Check out our fav's for pops this Father's Day...

Bear Local Baseball Jersey

Farm Rucksack- Army Green | Ten Journal | Teak Water bottle

 Teak Water Bottle | Blond Wood Water Bottle | Silver Lining Water Bottle

Wild and True Card | Akron Wallet | Edison Leather Key Clip 

Ceramic Bullet Planter | Ceramic Funnel Planter | Ceramic Cylinder Planter

Heritage Cook Book

Patchouli Soy Candle | Teakwood & Tobacco Candle | Amber & Moss

Dapper Dopp Kit | Prospector Co. Aftershave | Body Cleanser | Compressed Towel

If you're near or far, don't forget to give your old man a call and a little extra love this Father's Day!

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Mid-May Calligraphy with Jenna Rainey

Mid-May Calligraphy with Jenna Rainey

Hump day couldn't have been better this week! We spent the evening sipping, snacking and chatting with 20 new friends at our calligraphy workshop with Jenna Rainey. We are always raving about Jenna but we're sure you will all agree that she is such a talented gal and a great teacher. Thanks for hanging out ladies and hopefully see you again soon!


Snacks supplied by A Miho Experience.  

If you missed this class keep an eye on our social feeds or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about coming events. 




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Mom's Are The Best!

Mom's Are The Best!

A day dedicated to Mom doesn't come often enough! Considering all the cool things our moms have done for us, we think all mammas out there deserve to be spoiled more than just once a year. If you want to show your appreciation to them for their crazy cool style, their devotion to you and your family or just the everyday things that they do to keep you rolling, we have you covered!

Voluspa Candles | Mokara Candle

Detox Bath Salts | Mint Lip Butter | Jasmine Body Oil | Lapis Facial Oil Xerographica

Cyra Brass Necklace | Triangle CuffBlack Quartz Earrings | Jasper Triangle Ring

Baggu Purse | Aqua Notebook | Mint Floral iPhone Case | BKR Bottle

Rifle Paper Co. Capri Recipe Box | Cookbook

Check out our blog for more ideas or browse our online store for some of the coolest things a mom can get. Either way be sure to give the moms in your life a special phone call, kiss on the cheek or surprise visit this Mother's Day. 

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Top Ten Picks - Gus* Modern Sale

Top Ten Picks - Gus* Modern Sale

We decided to round up our top ten picks for the Gus* Modern Keep on Giving sale happening in January! Wether you are sprucing up your living room or designing your first home office, Gus* has got you covered!  



1 | Use the Thompson Chair SE as a dining chair or as standalone accent seating.

2 | The adjustable Annex Credenza adds plenty of storage for those with a minimal aesthetic.

3 | The Adelaide Sofa is a classic, symmetrical design that lends a vintage look to any space.

4 | Add a modern touch to your work space or bedroom with the compact Finch Desk.

5 | The Sparrow Glider + Ottoman with their quiet rocking motion are the perfect solution for the modern nursery. 

6 | Use this stainless steel Fruit Trough as a planter or candle holder, indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours!

7 | The Carmichael Loft Sofa fuses traditional and contemporary sensibilities, bringing clean lines to a classic style.

8 | The Wilson End Table's proportions work well in a living room or bedroom setting.

9 | The Truss Lounge Chair feels at home in both modern and traditional spaces.

10 | Versatile and perfect for city living, let the Jane Loft Bi-Sectional transform your space. 


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Cheers to a Fabulous 2015

With 2015 around the corner we pulled out our party gear and glammed things up a bit to show you our top picks to celebrate the New Year in style. 

Shop the Bar: Celebrate Napkins  |  Cheers Tags  |  Gold Chevron Straws  |  Dahlia Placemats  |  Ebony Wallpaper  |  Owl's Brew Pink & Black  |  Owl's Brew The Classic 

Party Time Headband  |  F*ck Yeah Card

LoveTatum Knock Out Cuff  |  Black Drusy Ring  |  Drusy Studs

Tassel Earrings  |  Tassel Necklace

Vane Brass Earrings  |  Hammered Brass Necklace  |  Bar Hammered Ring  |  Iuvo Bangle Set

Wishing you a very happy and healthy year filled with tons of good laughs and new experiences. Cheers!




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DIY | Succulent Wreath

Ask any of us at the store what our favorite product is, and nine times out of ten, you'll probably hear succulents! So what better way to add a bit of holiday cheer to our homes than with a living succulent wreath?

The wreath mold includes all the information that you need for building your living wreath, but we thought we would show you how easy it is, just incase you need that extra push!

You will need a pencil or some kind of poker, a bucket filled with water, wire (optional) and your favorite succulents. That's it! 

Start off by dipping your wreath in water, being careful not to make it too wet as this will drown your succulents. Remove your succulents from their cups and loosen their roots. Leave just enough roots at your succulents base to anchor it when planted. 

Poke a hole in your wet moss wreath and plant your succulent. Repeat around your entire wreath for a living masterpiece. Floral wire or pins will help to secure your succulents until they are fully rooted. 

Pressed for time? Grab a ready planted wreath from the store and hang it in a minute! 

 Wishing you a very happy and safe holiday season. Happy planting!

xo - The whole Pigment team

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Happy Thanksgiving

We love any excuse to get together with family and friends, and what better way to do it then with a day of feasting, celebrating and giving thanks! With all the amazing cookbooks lining the shop shelves, we know you guys have the main course covered, so we thought we would take care of the mid-game snack, go Hawks! Combined with some fresh fruits and hearty bread, this goat cheese is the perfect amuse-bouche and will seriously impress your guests. 

The kit includes: cheese making supplies, citric acid, cheese salt, french chevre molds, firm goat cheese recipe, glass dairy thermometer and cotton cheesecloth. All you need to do is grab two quarts of pasteurized goats milk and you are ready to mix, stir and shape. Let's get started...

Heat your milk to 190°F on a medium setting, stir often to avoid boiling and adjust heat if needed. For firm goat cheese, mix one tsp. and a pinch of citric acid into half a cup of water, stir and set aside. 

Turn the heat to low and quickly stir in your citric acid mix and stop stirring once mixed. Without stirring, hold at 190°F for two minutes, you should see some subtle curdling. Do not allow the temperature to go over 195°F or the milk will boil over.

Remove the pot from the heat, cover and leave to settle for ten minutes. Gently pour the curds and whey into a cloth-lined colander and let it drain until it looks like oatmeal. Mix in your salt and herbs and stir the curds gently until they look like dry mashed potatoes. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed. Check out the booklet included in the kit for full instructions and top tips. 

Time to shape and press or eat as is! If you are shaping your cheese, spoon your curd evenly into both molds. Place the molds on a plate to allow any extra whey to drain. Allow the cheese to cool for ten minutes then gently unmold by holding them upside down on a plate and firmly tapping. Serve on a cheese board with the usual trimmings and enjoy. Goat cheese in less than an hour, it's that easy! 

If you loved this as much as we did, or if goat cheese isn't your thing, check out the Mozzarella and Ricotta kit. It's great for gifting, home made pizza nights or just a fun thing to do with the lil' ones. 

If it's Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving that you are celebrating, eat well, enjoy and be safe! xo - Pigment 

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Macramé Workshop with Chelsea Smith

If you haven't spent a Saturday morning learning a new craft, meeting new people and enjoying some fine refreshments, we would really recommend it! We kicked off last weekend doing just that, with our first Macramé Workshop. 

As you can see we have moved the workshops up to our studio where all the Pigment behind-the-scenes action is. Our studio is just around the corner from the store and is proving to be the perfect blank canvas for our events and yours! 

We were all well fed and refreshed throughout the morning thanks to Coffee & Tea Collective and Cardamom Cafe and Bakery

The class was from 9-11am on October 18th. Our very own Chelsea Smith guided some crafty ladies through their first Macramé plant hanger. Each participant also got to take home a Macrame Kit including all the materials to make another plant hanger and an instruction booklet. Watch out peeps, there are a lot of macrame gifts coming your way this holiday season!

Keep an eye on our social media or jump on our mailing list for upcoming events. If you want to have your own bash, Pigment-style, the space, furniture and decorations are all available to rent. For more info, email us at media@shoppigment.com. 

Thank you for a wonderful morning ladies! xo - Pigment

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Pumpkin Seeds Two Ways!

Halloween is here and that means it's pumpkin carving and seed roasting time! We took a shot at roasting pumpkin seeds two ways. First we mixed them with the delicious Sel Magique Classic Blend for a savory and nutritious snack, then we tossed them with the ever popular Gypsy Spice for those of us with a sweet tooth. Give it a try for your next zinc boost!

Preheat your oven to 300°F. Cut open your pumpkin and remove the seeds, separating the seeds from the flesh and strings. Rinse under cold water and spread on to a tea towel to dry.

Sel Magique Savory Seeds:


  • Seeds from 2 Large Pumpkins
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 4 Teaspoons Sel Magique Classic Blend
  • Add your dried pumpkin seeds to a roasting pan and drizzle with olive oil. Mix well and sprinkle with four teaspoons of Sel Magique Classic Blend. Toss around once more and place in the oven. If like us you are making another flavor, then set these savory seeds aside. 

    Sweet Gypsy Spice Seeds:


  • Seeds from 2 Large Pumpkins
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 1 Tablespoon  Gypsy Spice
  • 3 Tablespoons Sugar
  • Place your seeds in a roasting pan, we used the trusty Falcon enamelware. Melt butter and mix the Gypsy Spice with the sugar. Drizzle the melted butter evenly over your seeds and mix well. Finally sprinkle with your sugar spice blend and toss well. 

    Make sure your seeds are evenly spread on a single layer in your roasting pan and place in the oven. Roast until the seeds turn golden brown, about 20-25 minutes. Remove from the oven to cool and either serve immediately or pop them into an air tight container and offer as a delicious gift. 

    Enjoy! - Pigment

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    Fall Blues

    We are huge fans of Indigo Dye here at Pigment. Now that we have the Indigo Dye Kits in store, we couldn't wait to start tying, folding and dipping. Although dying can be messy business, the kit will lead you through a couple of different styles and tips making sure you get just the look you are after. We dipped napkins, tablecloths, teepees, paper, almost anything we could get our hands on! 

    The kit includes: Rubber Gloves, 20 grams of Indigo Dye, 250 grams of Reducing Agent, assorted Rubber Bands, and an instruction booklet with dye patterns. 

    On top of this, you will need: 5 Gallon bucket with lid, stir stick, beads or pebbles, and a floor covering.

    The first thing you will want to do is prepare your dye. Add your indigo dye to warm water and stir gently. Then add the reducing agents while stirring. Gently stir as suggested by the instructions until thoroughly mixed. Cover your vat with the lid and allow to settle for 15-30 minutes, just enough time to prep your fabrics!

    We started off with simple circles and the basic accordion fold, but soon we were feeling so inspired we just tried anything. Get creative and see what you can come up with, you can't go wrong!

    Once you're fabric is ready, wet thoroughly with tap water. Here comes the fun stuff! Lift the lid of your vat (prepare yourself for the less than glamorous smell), using your stick to push the top layer of foam to the side to reveal the yellow-green liquid. Using your gloves, dip your fabric and set it aside for 20 minutes to oxidize. We recommend reading over the instruction book for best tips when dipping.

    Once oxidized, either dip again for darker shades, or untie and rinse. Finally wash with mild detergent and warm water, dry and style as you like. Enjoy!

    We would love to see what you come up with, so please tag #shoppigment in your photos! 




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    EDISON MFG. CO. for American MADE

    Edison MFG Co. - 'Handcrafted goods. One of a kind, made one at a time.' 

    Our good friend Dave McKinney of Edison MFG Co. is one of the finalists in Martha Stewart's American Made contest. Edison MFG Co. is a true example of what American Made stands for - local, unique and handmade! Head over to marthstewart.com to help Dave take first place in this contest supporting the maker, every vote counts!

    More from American made...

    American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade. The program is made up of people and communities that have turned their passion for quality craftsmanship and well-designed goods into a way of life.

    This is where you will meet, learn from, and be inspired by fellow makers from around the country. Welcome.  


    I am a one man operation fueled by passion. My goal is to offer quality, well built products. Products that are built to last and will only get with time. I started Edison MFG Co. in 2010 after suffering a layoff from the Clothing company where I was employed. I had worked as a clothing designer and director for over 10 years. So to suddenly be without work was shocking. I regrouped and decided to try and forge my own path. Hoping that in this endeavor I would find solace as well as security. So I began to teach myself the art of crafting leather, hand sewing and the use of industrial sewing machines. After a long journey I've just recently been able to move from my small 200sq. ft. studio behind my house and in to my first brick and mortar. I now run a small retail store in the front while using the remaining space as a workshop to build my products. I feel very blessed and thankful for the support of the American Handcrafted movement. Passion before profit.


    After a long journey I've just recently been able to move from my small 200sq. ft. studio behind my house and in to my first brick and mortar. I now run a small retail store in the front while using the remaining space as a workshop to build my products. Through this shop I service both my wholesale accounts as well as my retail customers. One unique aspects about my workshop is that customers can actually watch me work. I feel that this gives them a personal attachment and insight in to what I do. I am also now beginning to offer workshops to get the community excited about crafting.


    I am inspired by many things in my life. My amazing family and friends, the love of craft, the desire to offer a American Made product, etc. I will always believe in my heart that passion is more important than profit.


    We offer our customer a source for American Made goods crafted with precision and pride. Each of our pieces is hand dyed, polished, hand sewn and finished. Edison focuses on slim, streamlined products for everyday solutions. Built to last. http://shop.edisonmfgco.com/the-workshop.


    Follow your heart and do what you love. The money and acclaim will come to those who work hard and are passionate about what they do. My grandfather always told me, "Find what you love to do, and do that for a living."


    The chance to offer my fellow Americans an alternative to the typical overseas sourced products. It means we are careful and deliberate where we spend our money. It means supporting your local community as well as the nation as a whole. We must take pride in our country and strive to return to the days that " made in America" meant quality.

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